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A-PEX: (also known as PEX-A) – PEX tubing manufactured using engel method of cross-linking. This type of PEX tubing also uses expansion connection system.


Aquastat: A device, commonly used in hydronic and radiant heating systems, which allows to control system components (such as circulators) by reading the system water temperatures. Aquastats are usually available in either strap-on type (device attached to the external surface of the pipe) or well type.


Antifreeze: in snow melting, hydronic and radiant heating systems, antifreeze is usually a food grade propylene glycol.


Actuator: A device used together with radiant heat manifolds to control water flow through individual manifold branches. Actuators allow to use a single radiant heat manifold station to control multiple heating zones.


Air Vent: A simple, automated air purging device which allows to remove excess air from hydronic heating systems. Most commonly used type of air vents are float type air vents. Typically installed at the highest point in the system, made from brass and available in connection sizes from 1/8” to 1/2“.


Air Scoop: Usually made of cast iron, this fitting has an air chamber at the top, which slows down the velocity of water flowing though it and allows air bubbles to accumulate in the chamber. Top of the chamber is usually equipped with a 1/8” treaded hole, allowing to connect an Air Vent for further air purging.


Air Eliminator (aka Air Separator): Device used in hydronic and radiant heating systems to remove excess air from the system. Unlike air vents and air purgers, air eliminators have very high efficiency and allow to remove even microscopic air bubbles from the system, which can help to extend the life of system’s components, reduce maintenance and system noise. Air eliminators are typically made from brass or bronze and come in sizes ranging from ¾” to 2”.


Amtrol: Manufacturer of expansion tanks.


Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates: These plates are used in radiant heating systems to improve heat dispersion across the flooring surface. Manufactured from aluminum using either extrusion or stamping methods and are available for 3/8” and ½” PEX in various shapes and sizes.


Adapter: Usually a fitting, used to transition from one type of connection to another. Examples: PEX to copper pipe adapter, sweat (solder) to thread adapter, threaded to CPVC adapter, etc.


ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials


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