PEX Universe Learning Center

PEX Universe Learning Center


Radiant Heating


PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier:


Radiant Heat Manifolds:


PEX Heat Transfer Plates:


Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems:


Electric Radiant Heating Systems:


Radiant Heat Insulation:


PEX Plumbing


PEX Tubing for Plumbing applications:

PEX Tools:

PEX Fittings:

PEX Manifolds:


Pumps and Pump Equipment


Sump pumps:

Sewage pumps:

Booster Pumps:

Plumbing and Heating


Heat Exchangers:


Grease Interceptors:


Air Elimination:


Expansion Tanks


Taco Circulator Pumps:


Takagi Tankless Water Heaters:


Fittings & Nipples:




Outlet Boxes




Ventilation and Air Quality




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