Various types of PEX fittings and connection systems.

Various types of PEX fittings and connection systems.

Brass Crimp Style PEX Fittings
Crimp style fittings are the most common and affordable type of PEX fittings and can be found in majority of supply houses, home improvement stores and online stores.
They are manufactured from brass according to ASTM standard F1807 and are compatible with all types (A, B, C) and brands of PEX tubing.
Brass PEX fittings can be installed using either one of the following methods:
Crimp Method: requires a PEX Crimp Tool (also made to ASTM F1807)
Clamp (Cinch) Method: requires a PEX Clamp (Cinch) Tool and Stainless Steel (Cinch) Clamps (made to ASTM F2098).


Brass crimp pex fitting

Poly (Plastic) Crimp Style PEX Fittings
Typically manufactured from PSU (polysulfone) to ASTM standard F2159 and are usually available in white or black colors. Poly fittings look much like the brass ones and have the same amount of barbs. Just as the brass fittings, they are compatible with all types of PEX pipe and can be installed using either Crimp or Clamp connection methods.



Plastic pex fitting

Push-Fit PEX Fittings (SharkBite style)
Push-Fit fittings are the only ones that do not require any PEX tools or rings to make a connection with tubing. A special multi-component locking mechanism allows to push the PEX pipe into the fitting, but will not allow to remove it without the use of a special disconnecting clip.
Push-Fit fittings are commonly manufactured from brass or DZR brass and are compatible with all types of PEX tubing as well as copper and CPVC pipes.


Push-fit pex fitting

Press PEX Fittings
This type of press PEX fittings is manufactured from bronze and can be easily distinguished from crimp style fittings by the large number of barbs on it. They are compatible with all PEX tubing types (A, B, C) as well as PEX-Al-PEX (FostaPEX) and can be installed using a PEX Press Tool and Stainless Steel Press Sleeves.


Press pex fitting

Expansion PEX Fittings
Expansion PEX fittings are manufactured from brass or poly alloy to ASTM standard F1960 and/or F2080. They can be easily identified by a larger diameter middle barb and unlike other fitting types, will not fit inside the PEX tubing unless it (tubing) is expanded.
Expansion style fittings are compatible only with PEX-A tubing and are installed using an expansion tool and expansion rings.


Expansion pex fitting

Compression PEX Fittings
Compression PEX fittings may be available in two types – for PEX tubing and for PEX-Al-PEX tubing. The later one usually has (2) rubber O-rings positioned over the fitting’s barbs, allowing to easily distinguish the two.
Each compression fitting’s PEX side consists of a PEX insert, a compression ring (diagonally split) and a compression nut. Can be installed using a pair of adjustable pliers or crescent wrenches (no PEX tool required).



Compression pex fitting

Information provided is for reference only. For compatibility and installation recommendations, refer to manufacturer’s original manual/instructions. All images are property of their respective owners.

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