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Enerco is a Cleveland, Ohio based manufacturer of heaters with over 25 years of experience. Enerco's HeatStar brand features a variety of products for residential, commercial and industrial heating applications. Their extensive line includes gas unit heaters, vent-free heaters, quiet infrared heaters and tank top propane heaters.

HeatStar series heaters by Enerco

HSU series Gas Unit Heaters

HSU series heaters are widely used for heating larger areas, such as garages, warehouses, workshops and similar. Multiple units can be installed throughout the facility to reach the desired heat output and comfort levels.

HS series Overhead Infrared Heaters

HeatStar Infrared heaters are the best choice for quiet and comfortable heating and are well suited for residential or small commercial buildings with 7-8ft ceilings, such as patios, garages, smaller workshops and others. These units are wall mounted, occupy zero floor space, and can inconspicuously blend with existing settings.

MH series Tank Top Heaters

Propane tank-top heaters are designed to be mounted on top of a standard US propane tank. Theses heaters combine low cost, portability, high heat output and require no electricity to operate, which makes them a popular choice for outdoor camping applications, backyard parties, ice fishing and similar.

HSVF series Vent-Free Heaters

HeatStar Vent free heaters offer a great way to add warmth and comfort to recreational rooms, building additions, cabins, lodges and similar. These heaters are 99.9% efficient, require no venting or chimney and have a convenient adjustable comfort control.

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