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Enerco manufactures a diverse variety of HeatStar brand garage, warehouse and workshop gas heaters with different specifications, power output ratings and fuel types. These units are ideal for garage heating and workshop heating applications and can be selected to match the heat requirements of a typical size working/storage area.

HeatStar Gas Units Heaters
Gas unit heaters are available in 50 or 80 kBTU power ratings and are commonly used as a main source of heat in a variety of residential, storage and small commercial settings. These Enerco gas heaters come equipped with ceiling mounting brackets and are backed by an extensive 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 3-year warranty on parts and burner.
Recommended for heating areas up to 700 sq. ft (50 kBTU models) and 1000 sq. ft. (80 kBTU models) respectively.

HeatStar Infrared Heaters
Quiet, clean and odor-free, Enerco garage infrared heaters are wall-mount units which are easy to install and operate, take up zero floor space and deliver the highest level of comfort. These heaters are equipped with a thermostat for convenient temperature control and require no electricity to operate.
Best used for heating areas up to 500-600 sq. ft (2 or 2-1/2 car garage).

HeatStar Propane Tank Top Heaters
Tank top heaters offer the most economical and portable solution for heating small areas. A tank top heater is easily mounted on top of the standard propane tank and is connected and ready to use in minutes. These heaters can be utilized both for stationary applications (such as workshop heating) and for portable applications (such as by contractors).

HeatStar Vent Free Heaters
Available in regular blue flame or infrared options (propane or natural gas) vent free gas heaters are well suited for heating recreation rooms, cabins, enclosed porches, workshops and many others. These units feature battery-operated electronic ignition, low-oxygen safety shut-off and conveniently located comfort control. Available in 10, 20 or 30 kBTU models for heating areas up to 300, 600 and 1000 square feet respectively.

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