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Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos is the world's leading manufacturer and most trusted name in pressure-boosting and well water pump systems. We offer a complete selection of Grundfos pumps for meeting the needs of nearly any size residential or commercial project.

Grundfos MQ3 Booster Pumps:
The all-in-one Grundfos MQ3 system is both a water supply and pressure boosting pump, which incorporates a pump, diaphragm tank, sensors, controls and check valve in a single, easy to install unit. MQ3 series pressure booster pumps are perfect for residential homes, farms, cabins and cottages and feature user-friendly interface combined with variety of built-in protective functions. Available in 115V or 240V models - Grundfos MQ3-35 (3/4 HP) and Grundfos MQ3-45 (1 HP).

Grundfos Jet Pumps:
Jet pumps are non-submersible type pumps used for supplying fresh water from wells, ponds and similar for a variety of residential and light commercial applications. Jet pumps can be divided into two categories - shallow well jet pumps (for wells less than 25ft deep) and convertible well pumps, which can be used both as shallow well and deep well (up to 80ft deep) when ejector is dismounted from the pump and placed in a well.

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