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Honeywell Switching Relays

Honeywell relays listed here include standard and universal and hydronic switching relay types compatible with most oil or gas-fired hydronic heating systems.
R845A, R832A and R89A Honeywell switching relay models provide intermediate switching of line voltage device from a low voltage device. RA889A relay works with both line and low voltage devices and controllers.
Universal switching relay (model R8845U) has a built-in 24V transformer and is used for intermediate switching and line/low voltage devices from line/low voltage controller.

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Honeywell Switching Relay with Internal Transformer, 1 line DPST, 24V Coil

$59.50 / each
Honeywell Universal Switching Relay with Internal Transformer, 2 line/1 low SPST, 24V

$47.25 / each
$92.00 / case
($46.00 / each)
Honeywell Switching Relay with Internal Transformer, 1 line SPST, 24V Coil


$49.25 / each
RA832A1066 Honeywell 2 Zone Switching Relay with DPST switching, 120 V


$65.50 / each
($64.25 / each)
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Honeywell Switching Relay Features:

  • Knock-outs at the top and bottom provide several wiring and mounting options.
  • Classic PC board layout and large screws significantly cut the installation time.
  • Replaceable relays and standard transformer fuses cut down service time.
  • LED indicators and a push-to-test button make troubleshooting process quick and easy.
  • Compact DC relay technology allows coils to run cooler and more efficiently. Possible blocked signals are eliminated thanks to the Powerpile┬« rated contacts, which run at a lower current.
  • Honeywell switching relays can easily be integrated to
    applications with multiple zones. If powered from a 24 Vac external source, they can also provide electrical isolation in low-voltage circuits.

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