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Liberty Pumps

Liberty Pumps is a US manufacturer of an extensive and high quality line of pumps for water transfer, dewatering, condensate, effluent waste and waste water removal applications. PexUniverse.com offers a complete selection of Liberty sump pumps, sump pump backup systems, sewage pumps, sewage ejector systems and many Liberty products others at competitive prices.

Why Liberty Pumps?
The company continuously improves the quality and design of it's products to offer pumps and systems that are more energy efficient, more cost effective and are easier to install and service than any other brand in the industry. Some of the distinctive products & features of Liberty Pumps include:
· The best warranty in the industry - 2 years vs. 1 year for the rest of the industry.
· Aluminum pump body for select pump models - reduces weight of the pump and allows for rapid pump cooling - over 200% faster than cast iron models.
· Liberty Pumps SJ10 - the innovative sump backup system powered by municipal water supply and not by electricity, making the system prone to power failures. This system is affordable and replaces majority of backup systems that cost several times more.
· Liberty Pumps 370/380 series sewage ejector systems are the most versatile and advanced on the market, with QuickTree technology which allows to service the float switch without removing the basin cover and the pump.
· SBX Sump System - a fully pre-assembled sump system with a built-in debris filter which prevents the sump pump from clogging. The system is extremely versatile, with drainage connections on all 4 sides of the sump box, allowing for multiple drain line connections. Models with built-in alarm are also available.
· The "Brick" by Liberty Pumps is a stand for the sump pumps (230, 240, 250, 280, and S37 series), designed to replace the actual bricks used to elevate the pump from the bottom of the basin and prevent the it from clogging.

Common Pump Types and Applications:
Liberty Sump Pumps are mostly used in flood protection and dewatering basements and are also common for job sites, loading docks, excavation sites and many other applications that require continuously moving large amounts of water.
Liberty Effluent Pumps are typically installed in septic tanks to pump away the effluent waste to the septic field. These pumps often designed with high head to be able to move effluent waste through long pipe runs. Although these pumps are capable of handling small solids (3/8" or 1/2"), they cannot replace sewage pumps, which handle solids up to 2" in diameter.
Liberty Sewage Pumps are generally used in buildings that have a bathroom in the basement, or where gravity flow is not sufficient to efficiently remove the solid and liquid wastes. These pumps are designed to handle both liquid and solid waste (usually up to 2" in diameter).
Liberty Utility Pumps can come in submersible or in-line designs and are most widely used for applications such as water transfer (aquariums, fish tanks) and dewatering (water heaters, water beds). These Liberty pumps are for use with plain water only and cannot handle solid waste and effluent waste.

Types of switches:
Sump, effluent, sewage and grinder pumps may be available with or without a switch. Pumps that have switches are categorized as "automatic". The ones that don't have the switch are considered "manual".
Vertical Float Switch - Liberty pumps with a vertical mechanical float switch are most popular since they require the least amount of space and can be installed in compact basins. Such switches are also more prone to failure from debris than other switch types.
Wide Angle Float Switches - typical for projects where basin space is not an issue (sewage ejector basins, septic tanks) and there's little risk of the float switch failing from debris.
PiggyBack Float Switches - these have 2 distinctive power cords - one for the pumps and one for the switch. This design mainly allows to replace the switch in case of failure without replacing the entire pump. Additionally, pumps with piggyback float switches are the only types that can be used both in manual and automatic modes.

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