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Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pumps is one of the best known, most extensive, most popular and most trusted names in the waste water industry, all backed by nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience.

From transfer (utility) pumps, condensate removal pumps and sump pumps, to effluent pumps and water removal systems, such as Drainosaur and Simplex sewage systems - Little Giant has the right model for any job size or application type.

Extensive line of products available from Little Giant includes:

Sump Pumps:
Little Giant Sump Pumps are well suited for moving substantial volumes of water in extended or continuous use applications. Some of the more common applications for Little Giant sump pumps include basements, crawl spaces, job sites, underground passageways, excavation sites, loading docks, cooling towers and many others.

Sewage Pumps:
Little Giant Sewage Pumps are designed to handle tough conditions and demanding jobs of moving small to large volumes of sewage waste and waste water. Typical uses include vertical sewage handling for septic tanks and lines, effluent waste, de-watering, waste water and many others.

Transfer/Utility Pumps:
Little Giant Utility Pumps are generally divided into include submersible and non-submersible pumps, as well as dewatering pumps and transfer pumps. Dewatering pumps come with a choice of manual or automatic models with various switch options and have use range similar to that of the Little Giant sump pumps. Transfer/utility pumps are lightweight, portable and are designed to fill or drain water heaters, aquariums, water beds, water tanks and any nearly every other application where basic water transfer is needed.

Condensate Removal Pumps:
As the name suggests, Little Giant Condensate Removal Pumps are designed to accumulate and discharge condensate. The industry standard VCMA series and next generation VCMX series condensate removal pumps are available with optional safety switch, vinyl tubing and others.

Effluent Pumps:
Many Little Giant effluent pumps featured in this category are a double-duty sump/effluent pumps and can be used as the application requires. All Little Giant pumps within this category are submersible pumps.

Water Removal Systems:
Little Giant Drainosaur water removal systems consist of a polypropylene tank, easy-to-remove filter trap, and an automatic submersible sump with a power cord. Drainosaur water removal system comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Sewage Systems:
Simplex Sewage Systems are perfectly suited for basement installations and consist of a large polypropylene tank and an automatic submersible sump. Optional features include check valves and pre-assembled packages.

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