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Honeywell, Taco Mixing Valves

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Taco mixing valves - standard models for plumbing & heating application, lead-free models for states with lead content regulations and iSeries outdoor rest or setpoint automatic mixing valves.

Honeywell mixing valves - standard models for plumbing or heating only (large selection for various desired temperature ranges) and select models with advanced features.

In heating applications, mixing valves allow to regulate the water temperature fed into the heating loops - whether for similar or dissimilar heating options (infloor heating, baseboards, radiators, fan coils, etc.) by mixing the cooled return water with hot water from the heating source (e.g. boiler).

In plumbing applications, mixing valves are also known as "anti-scald" valves and are used for safety reasons to limit the temperature of hot water in order to avoid burns.

Types of Mixing Valves

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