Pipe Nipples

Pipe Nipples

Pipe nipple is a section of a straight pipe, male threaded on both ends, which allows to connect two female threaded fittings together.

Black Pipe Nipples

Black threaded pipe nipples in sizes 1/8" - 2" and in lengths up to 12". For use with black malleable, cast iron or black steel threaded fittings in gas and hot-water heating applications.

Brass Pipe Nipples

Red brass threaded pipe nipples in sizes from 1/2" to 2" and in lengths up to 12". Lead-free compliant and suitable for potable water use.

Chrome Plated Pipe Nipples

Chrome plated brass pipe nipples and fittings for shower arms, pedestal sink and other exposed plumbing installations. Approved for potable water us.

Dielectric Pipe Nipples

Threaded dielectric pipe nipples with PEX insert for connecting dissimilar metal components for galvanic corrosion prevention in water heaters and storage tanks.
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