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Complete range of made in USA, Ox Box outlet boxes by Sioux Chief with PEX or threaded connections and optional water hammer arrestors. Ox Boxes are a preferred outlet box choice of homeowners and contractors alike for their durability, ease of installation and reliable performance.
All models listed are lead-free compliant except for washing machine models, which do not require certification.

About Ox Box Outlet Boxes by Sioux Chief

Patented design of the OX Box series incorporated a durable ABS body with a white color paintable frame and chrome plated 1/4-turn shut-off valve(s). Select models also include Mini-Rester water hammer arrestor(s). Boxes available at PexUniverse come with 1/2" crimp style PEX connections or male threaded fittings with a female sweat connection on the inside, which also accommodate regular 1/2" copper pipe.

Washing machine outlet box consists of (2) separate boxes - one for drainage and one (with shut-off valves) for hot and cold water supply. This distinctive advantage differentiates Ox Box from similar competitors' models (which use a single box for supply and drainage) and significantly simplifies the installation. Water supply valves have 3/4" male garden hose outlets which accommodate standard washing machine connectors.

Icemaker outlet box has a single box with a 1/4" OD compression valve, allowing to connect 1/4" copper or plastic piping directly from the refrigerator. A toilet/dishwasher outlet box has a similar configuration except for the valve which is 3/8" OD compression.

Lavatory outlet box consists of a single box with (2) 3/8" OD compression outlet valves, and is designed for installation in bathrooms to provide hot and cold water supply to sinks and bidets.

Gas outlet box includes a 1/2" or 3/4" threaded, CSA approved angle gas ball valve and is a best solution available on the market for installation of gas appliances such as kitchen stoves.

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