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PEX Tools are an important part of every Radiant Heating or PEX Plumbing project. With a large variety of installation practices, Pex Universe has a PEX tool to meet the needs of every installer. From PEX Crimping Tools and PEX Cutters, to Foam Board Staplers and Clip Guns - we offer the highest quality brand name PEX tools at guaranteed lowest prices anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about PEX Tools:

Q: I have crimp style fittings. Which PEX tools do i need to make a connection?
A: Both PEX crimp tool and PEX cinch tool are compatible with crimp style fittings. As long as fittings are marked with ASTM F1807, they can be used with either type of tool.

Q: I'm planning on installing radiant heating underneath my subfloor. What kind of PEX tools I should use?
A: Peter Mangone Clip Gun allows you to staple the tubing directly to the wooden subfloor. The tool is available in manual or pneumatic.

Q: Do i really need a PEX cutter?
A: PEX cutter is needed to make a smooth and even cut, as it will assure that the connection is properly made. Since PEX cutters are designed specifically for PEX tubing and are relatively inexpensive, it is highly advised to purchase one. The Economy type cutter is best for small projects and is suitable for tubing sizes 3/8" through 3/4". Ratchet cutters are best for large jobs or everyday use.

Q: There's so many PEX tools out there. Which one is best suited for my project?
A: If price is an issue and you're doing a one-time small job, PEX Clamp Tool is an economical and easy-to-use solution suitable even for beginners. PEX Crimp Tools and tool kits are higher quality and higher price options for large projects or for everyday use by both DIY's and professionals. Everhot model PXT3201 is our best selling PEX Tool Kit.

Q: Can i use Everhot PEX Clamp Tool with other brand stainless steel cinch clamps?
A: Yes, this tool is compatible with Oetiker, Murray, Watts, Zurn brand clamps and many others. Just make sure that the clamps are stamped with ASTM standard F2098.

Q: Planning to install the PEX tubing in a slab, on top of the foam board insulation - do I have to get both the PEX Stapler and PEX Staples or the later one is enough.
A: Although not common, PEX staples can indeed be installed by hand, without the use of the stapler. However, the installation process would involve much more labor and would take more time to complete.

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