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Taco Air Separators

Taco 4900 Air Separators feature an advanced micro bubble separation technology, which eliminates the damaging effects and irritating noise caused by unwanted system air. Available in a variety of sizes, Taco 4900 air separators require no minimum run of pipe and feature a convenient 1⁄2” NPT tapping at the bottom for easy installation of an expansion tank. Bronze body with stainless steel components assures long life and better performance.

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Product Description SKU Qty Unit Price
3/4" NPT Bronze Air Separator 4900 Series

$80.95 / each
1" NPT Bronze Air Separator 4900 Series

$90.95 / each
1-1/4" NPT Bronze Air Separator 4900 Series

$124.95 / each
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Why choose Taco?

Independent testing reveals that Taco 4900 Series Air Separators can eliminate micro bubble sizes up to 15nm, while similar products from competitors can only eliminate bubble sizes up to 57nm, which is an astonishing 300% difference, thus proving the superior efficiency of the 4900 series.

How it works?

The inside the Taco 4900 Air Separator is packed with patented stainless steel Pall rings. When water enters the air separator, it collides with the rings, and all the gases contained in the water adhere to them. The gases (air) accumulate, move upwards and are then eliminated through the air vent.

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