Taco WAGS Valve

Taco WAGS valve was created to protect consumers against flooding and damage caused by a water heater failure.
A typical water heater fails within 7-10 years and the damage affects nearly 5.5 million households a year, resulting in damaged floors, furniture and possible ever structure itself.

Taco WAGS Valve (Water And Gas Shut-off Valve) eliminates the flooding problem by automatically shutting off the water supply when a leak occurs. For gas-fired water heaters, WAGS valves also shuts off the gas supply to eliminate another potentially serious hazard.

This valves can easily be installed on new or existing water heaters and comes with a $1,000 Lifetime Protection Policy.

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Water & Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve (WAGS Valve)

$138.50 / each
WAGS Valve Wiring Harness For Gas/Oil Water Heaters

$19.50 / each
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