Taco XPB-1 X-Pump Block

Taco XPB-1 X-Pump Blockā„¢ offers an all-in-one solution for radiant systems that delivers unmatched flexibility in a single, easy to install unit. Whether the system is a closed loop or open loop, whether PEX tubing used is barrier or non-barrier, whether the heat source is a boiler or a water heater - Taco X-Pump Block is the only effective solution.

The Taco XPB-1 features components such as a variable speed mixing control, a heat exchanger, a system circulator and a heat source circulator. This unmatched combination delivers a cost effective and complete system isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side, making it ideal for radiant heating, snowmelt, baseboard and other types of projects.

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Taco X-Pump Block

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