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Webstone Valves manufactures a large variety of valves and an exclusive line of specialty valves for circulator pumps, tankless water heaters, drainage, purging and filling applications etc. Webstone products include the "Isolator" series flange valves, "Pro-Pal" ball drain valves and many others.
Webstone Valves

Webstone Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit:
Pioneered by Webstone, this kit includes the features necessary for the basic installation and maintenance of a typical tankless water heater (gas or electric). Each kit also includes a 200,000 BTU pressure relief valve. Lead-free models are also available.

Webstone Pro-Pal Ball Drain Valves:
Pro-Pal series valves are a 2-in-1: a full flow (full port) ball valve with a full flow drain valve, designed to eliminate the costs and labor involved in installation of a separate in-line drain tee with a drain valve.
PexUniverse offers both the regular and lead-free version of this valve.

Webstone Pump Flange Isolator Valves:
Servicing or replacing an existing circulator pump or draining the heating system is made easy thanks to Webstone's line of Isolator Flange Valves. The Isolators combine a shut-off valve, a circulator pump flange and a drain valve into a single and solid product. Pump isolator valves come in a variety of types and sizes with optional features such as built-in check valve, rotating flange and others.

Expansion Tank Service Valve:
In the past, regular maintenance or replacement of an expansion tank would mean draining and re-filling the whole system - a time consuming and wasteful procedure. Today, thanks to the Expansion Tank Service Valve from Webstone Valves the process takes only a few minutes and no longer requires draining the system.

Webstone Purge and Fill Valves:
Systems which require periodical draining, flushing and re-filling (such as hydronic and snow melting systems), require a (3) separate valves and (2) fitting, which Webstone successfully combined into one, reducing cost, potential leaks and cutting down installation time.

Webstone T-Drain:
A simple, cost effective and reliable solution for in-line drain valve installation. Each T-Drain is a 1-piece tee with a full flow drain valve and a cap. Available in lead-free models.

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