Taco WAGS7200-3, Water & Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve
Taco WAGS7200-4, Water & Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve

Taco WAGS Valve


Brand: Taco

Mfr Part#: WAGS7200-4

UPC#: 687752890174

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Taco WAGS Valve (Water And Gas Safety valve) shuts off the water supply (plus gas supply for gas-fired water heaters) when it detects a water leak, preventing disastrous flooding and damage to structures and belongings. 


No matter the brand or how much the cost, the fact is, every water heater will eventually fail, usually within 7 to 10 years. Without a WAGS, a leaking tank keeps refilling...and leaking. An undetected water heater leak can release hundreds, even thousands, of gallons of water. For the first time, you can offer a solution to a problem that effects over 5.5 million households every year.



When installing a Gas or Oil fired water heater, Taco GoKit7200 is also required.

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