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Tjernlund X2D XChanger series basement exhaust/ventilation fan will help to eliminate humid and smelly basement air while bringing fresh air from outside. At only 40 watts of power usage (compare to 1000 watts usage by a dehumidifier), a typical system may save up to $100.00/year at a fraction of the cost of the dehumidification system.
Tjernlund X2D basement ventilation fan features (2) manually reversible 90 cfm fans which allow to exhaust the basement air outside, draw fresh air inside or use both functions simultaneously to create a balanced air exchange.
Simple plug-in operation. Fan speed controller (SKU# SCP) is also available (sold separately).

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Tjernlund X2D Reversible xCHANGER Basement Fan, 90-180 CFM

$211.00 / each
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