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PexUniverse.com selection of Tjernlund Duct Booster Fans includes in-line supply/exhaust duct booster fans (EF and DB series), high pressure duct booster fans (P series) and dryer duct booster fans (LB and DE series). Tjernlund duct booster fans are well known in the industry for their quality, durability and ease of installation.
Tjernlund LB1 and DE160 models are best suited for residential applications with duct runs equivalent of 25-100ft. The unique property of Tjernlund dryer duct booster fans is ability to reduce lint build up (thanks to a specially designed Lint Blitzer impeller) with a 5-year no-clog guarantee. These dryer duct booster fans are energy-saving and will help reduce the drying time by up to 50%.
Tjernlund EF series duct booster fans are designed to fit into a metal or flex duct and will allow to implement or improve exhaust or fresh air intake for various applications, as well as to serve as transfer fans for hard to heat or cool rooms.
Tjernlund P (Plastic) and M (Metal) series duct booster fans are designed for high pressure applications and feature quiet operation, low energy consumption and ability to handle high pressure air.

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