Wilkins 350XL

We carry a full line of lead-free 350XL series Wilkins backflow preventers. These assemblies feature a removable pressure vessel, low pressure drop, blow-out flush fitting and top mounted test cocks for ease and flexibility of installation.
Wilkins 350XL series complies with lead-free regulations and is available in sizes 3/4" through 2".

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Part#: 2-350XL | Brand: Zurn
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About Wilkins 350XL series

The 350 series backflow preventer are installed on potable water lines for protection against backpressure and backsiphonage of polluted water. Removable pressure vessel allows for easy servicing without removing the entire unit. Corrosion-resistant, bronze body is designed to last.


Max working pressure: 175 psi
Max working temperature: 180°F
Hydrostatic test pressure: 350 psi
Threaded connections comply with ANSI B1.20.1


Watts: 007QT, 775, 719
Febco: 805Y, 850
Conbraco: 40-100-T2
Ames: 200B, 2000B
Hersey: HDC, FDC
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