Electric Snow Melting

Electric Snow Melting

Electric snow melting is an innovative way of keeping your walkways and driveways clear of snow in the wintertime, without the trouble of shoveling. Electric snow melting systems can be installed in new or existing driveway and walkways, and are compatible with many types of materials, such as tile, concrete, blacktop, and pavement. Installing a snow melting system into an existing driveway/walkway is a safe and easy process. Simply sew a slot half an inch wide and two inches deep, so as not to cut the rebar frame. Then seal in the heating element, placing the cable directly into the existing driveway or walkway.


There are several types of control options for your electric snow melting system. An outdoor controller features a snow sensor, which activates the system as snow falls on the driveway or walkway; a manual override option exists. An indoor controller has the same snow sensor to activate the system. In addition, it also allows easy programming of the snow melting system, without leaving the comfort of your home.


Electric snow melting systems can be installed to cover the full driveway or walkway, which will keep the entire area clear of snow, or they can be installed only in chosen areas, if limiting the square footage is a concern. A snow melting system can be installed to cover tire tracks, so as to keep the driveway path clear for a car, and near the garage door and base of the street, to prevent snow build-up in the area. The amperage required to operate an electric snow melting system depends on the square footage covered. For installations exceeding 16 amps, a Large Area Box will be needed to control the system.


Using PEX tubing in a snow melting system

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