Getting the right PEX plumbing manifold for your project

Getting the right PEX plumbing manifold for your project

Sioux Chief manufactures the largest variety of PEX manifolds in the world and has to offer just about any type and model you need.

Inlet size?

Most small to mid size plumbing projects involve running ¾” PEX main supply lines and ½” PEX lines to the plumbing fixtures, so for a typical plumbing application, a manifold with a ¾” PEX inlet would be best suited.

Valves or No Valves?

Shut of valves are optional on nearly all PEX manifold models and allow for easy access and maintenance of the plumbing system. Valves on Sioux Chief manifolds are ¼-turn and are made of brass.

Spun Closed or Open?

Each system has it’s own design requirements, and if there’s a single master manifold that services the whole system, a spun closed version would be suited better.
If a plumbing system is designed so that there are several manifold locations throughout the residence, or if a domestic hot water recirculation option is desired, a spun open type PEX manifold should be used.

Don’t see the manifold you need listed?

Thanks to a universal design, many manifold models can be soldered together to get the right amount of branches. For example:
Models 672XV044X can be soldered together to get any size manifold you need, or if you need a spun closed manifold, you can use the same models with 672XV0X10, whereas X is the number of outlets (branches).

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