JP07S-CI Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump, 3/4 HP, 115/230V
Brand: Grundfos
Part#: 97855081
Model: JP07S-CI
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Grundfos JP07S-CI (97855081) is a 3/4HP Dual Voltage (115/230V) Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

  • Rugged cast iron construction
  • End suction, top discharge arrangement
  • Technopolymer impeller
  • Built-in ejector complete with clean-out port to clear blockages from nozzle
  • Convenient priming plug for ease of priming and air elimination
  • Ceramic-carbon bellows mechanical seal ensures trouble-free operation
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Technical Specifications:
  • Max. flow, GPM: 20
  • Max. pump head: 170ft
  • Max. working pressure: 116 PSI
  • Motor power: 3/4HP
  • Fluid temp range: 32 - 95F
  • Max. lift
  • : 25ft
  • Max. ambient temp: 104F
  • Factory pressure switch setting: 30/50 PSI
  • Storage temp: 14 - 104F
  • Relative humidity: 95%
  • Max. starts per hour: 20
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Ask a Question
I was told by a supplier that with a Grunfos JP07S-CI pupm I do not need a pressure tank. But I however would think without the pressure tank this would create a lot of on and off periods. What is your opinion ?
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Jet well pumps do need a well tank (pressure tank) for normal operation. Otherwise the whole system would not function properly.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/17/2016

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