Honeywell SmartValve Gas Valves

Honeywell SmartValve Gas Valves

A smart valve gas valve by Honeywell is a 2-in-1 gas flow and electronic ignition control designed for a wide range of gas-fired and fan assisted applications such as residential boilers, unit heaters, central and rooftop furnaces, commercial cooking appliances and many others.

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Part#: SV9602P4840 | Brand: Honeywell
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SmartValve Series

All SV9500 series have a 1/2" threaded inlet/outlet connections. All SV9600 valves - 3/4". Select models include 3/4" x 1/2" reducing bushing(s) and NG to LP conversion kit.

SV9501, SV9502, SV9601 and SV9602

These series combine gas control and electronic intermittent pilot (IP) sequencing functions and are suitable for gas-fired applications such as boilers, unit heaters, infrared and space heaters, furnaces, commercial cooking equipment and others.
SV9501 series includes standard and fast-fast opening models with no pre-purge.
SV9502 series includes slow opening models with 15 sec. pre-purge.
SV9601 valves includes standard opening models with no pre-purge.
SV9602 are step opening models with 30 sec. pre-purge.

SV9510 and SV9520

These smart valves feature direct main burner ignition sequencing and are suitable for a wide range of fan-assisted combustion applications, such as furnaces, infrared heater, unit heaters, water heaters, boilers and others.
SV9510 series includes standard and slow opening models. SV9520 - standard and fast-slow models.

SV9541 and SV9641

These series combine gas flow control with electronic IP sequencing into a single gas valve and are used in fan-assisted gas combustion applications, including water heaters, boilers, furnaces, infrared and unit heaters, commercial cooking appliances and others.
Opening characteristics for SV9541 series are standard or 2-stage, for SV9641 - standard only. 15-seconds pre-purge on all models.
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