Honeywell Whole House Humidifiers

Honeywell Whole House Humidifiers

TrueSTEAM and TrueEASE series by Honeywell are duct mount humidifiers designed for whole-house applications. They are quiet, require little maintenance and help to improve comfort and reduce energy costs.

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Part#: H8908ASPST | Brand: Honeywell
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About Whole House Humidifiers

Humidity level is an important factor which affects both the human body and the condition of the home. In a dry air environment, the air sucks up moisture from all around, including skin, plants, wood floors, etc. As a result, symptoms such as itchy eyes, dry and flaky skin, irritated throat and dry nasal passages, develop. Dry air also takes its toll on home furnishings, causing cracking of the paint and finishes on hardwood floors, woodwork and artwork.

Whole house humidifiers, installed directly or remotely onto the ductwork of the central air heating or cooling system, solve these problems by monitoring humidity level and providing a measured discharge of water vapor (TrueEASE) or steam (TrueSTEAM) into the plenum to maintain desired humidity levels.

Honeywell whole-house humidifiers are energy-efficient, using water only as needed and are capable of saving thousands of gallons of water per year, compared to competition. Since humid air feels warmer than dry, temperature settings on a thermostat can be reduced, resulting in additional savings. All models are backed by a 5-year warranty.

TrueSTEAM Series

TrueSTEAM system by Honeywell provides the cleanest, most consistent and eco-friendly humidification, while consuming up to 70% less water than flow-though evaporating humidifiers. The system can be installed directly onto the ductwork or mounted remotely if needed and can be installed in minutes. It’s self-cleaning and requires practically no maintenance.

TrueEASE Series

Honeywell TrueEASE evaporative humidifier series includes bypass and fan powered type humidifiers designed for installation onto the ductwork of the HVAC system. Bypass humidifiers utilize a pressure differential between supply and return (or hot and cold) air ducts and require access for installation to both. Fan-powered humidifiers have a built-in fan and are mounted on the supply duct only. TrueEASE humidifiers are truly easy to use and maintain and provide versatile and cost-efficient solutions for any home.
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