Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and indoor air quality category lists products for air filtration, humidification and dehumidification purposes, ultraviolet air treatment, as well as for indoor air heating and exhaust applications. Featured brand include Honeywell, Tjernlund and Enerco.

Air Cleaners

F100F, F200, F300 and FH8000 series basic, charged media and electronic air cleaners by Honeywell.


TrueSTEAM and TrueEASE series duct mount whole-house humidifiers, humidistats and parts by Honeywell.

Ventilation Products

Booster fans, draft inducers, basement ventilation and exhaust fans and other air venting products by Tjernlund.

Air Cleaner Filters

Replacement media filters for F100, F200 and FH8000 series air cleaners by Honeywell.


TrueDRY series whole-house dehumidifiers, parts and dehumidistats by Honeywell.

UV Air Treatment

Duct-mount UVC air treatment system and replacement bulbs by Honeywell for return air and coil irradiation applications.
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