HW-9 9V DC High Water Alarm, 85-decibel
Brand: Little Giant
Part#: 513350
Model: HW-9
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Little Giant HW-9 (513350) Low Voltage High Water Alarm.
Sensor, that detects water, and alarm connected by 6ft of wire. Adaptable with additional wire (not included) for locating up to 50ft apart.
Powered by 9-volt battery (not included). 85-decibel alarm can sound for 3 days.

  • Remote sensor detects water and sounds alarm
  • Low battery warning
  • Test bar for system check.
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How to stop the alarm from chirping?
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The alarms chirps when the battery is low. You just need to replace it.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/27/2015