Little Giant Aquarium Pumps

Quarium series aquarium pumps by Little Giant are specifically designed for operating conditions of the aquarium recirculation and filtration systems and can be used with fresh or salt water as well as other mildly corrosive liquids.

About Little Giant Quarium Series Pumps

MDQ and MDQX aquarium pumps are non-submersible, magnetic drive pumps used for in-line filtration, recirculation, tank return and other applications which involve handling fresh and salt water. These pumps feature a thermally protected, UL listed and CSA certified magnetic drive motor which resists overheating caused by clogging of the impeller by sludge, seaweed and other media.
MDQ series have a higher head and lower flow rating, whereas MDQX has a lower head and higher flow.
Aquarium pumps are most commonly installed in the cabinet below the aquarium, which contains filtration and other equipment.

Quarium series pumps incorporate a glass-filled polypropylene volute, ceramic shaft and washers, ceramic coated impeller driven magnet and Nitrile O-rings.