Little Giant Condensate Pumps

Little Giant manufactures a large variety of condensate pumps for use in condensate-producing HVAC applications including air conditioners, furnaces, condensing boilers, steam equipment and others.

About Little Giant Condensate Pumps

Little Giant manufactures a large selection of condensate removal pumps which accommodate a variety of installations involving removal of condensate produced by HVAC equipment. Available pump series include standalone tank type and in-pan type models with various motor ratings and flow parameters to fit the needs of any system. Most tank-type series, including Little Giant VCMX, VCMA and VCC comes with a built-in, replaceable check valve and have a 3/8” barbed outlet for 3/8” OD tubing. Other select series have 1/4" or 1/2" NPT discharge outlet.

Little Giant Condensate Pump Series Comparison Chart

SeriesHPTank Size, gallonsGPM @ 5 ft of headMax. HeadVoltageCordOptional Features
VCMA-151/500.50.815 ft115V6 ftSafety Switch, Tubing
VCMA-201/301.1720 ft115V, 230V
VCMX1.1720 ft
VCC1/31.1720 ftSafety Switch
VCL-141/5012.814 ft115V
VCL-241/184.1724 ft115V, 230V
VCL-451/57.345 ft
ABS-11/150-2.310 ft9 ft, 11 ftIn-pan
ABS-21/400.53.312 ft-
ABS-31/1214.626 ft-
EC-400n/a-1.535 ftn/aIn-pan, Safety Switch, Tubing