Little Giant Drainosaur Water Removal Systems

We carry a complete range of Drainosaur series water removal systems by Little Giant in both 115V and 230V options. Each Drainosaur system includes a sump pump factory pre-assembled inside a compact plastic basin, complete with inlets and outlets for drainage and vent piping.

About Drainosaur Series

Drainosaur series is divided into WRS and WRSC types, where the former indicates a 5 gallon basin, and later - a 3.5 gallon compact basin. Little Giant WRS-6 and WRSC-6 include a 1/3 HP sump pump, while WRS-9EN includes a 9EN series sump/effluent pump with 3/4" solids handling capability.
All models have an IAPMO listed basin, featuring a 1-1/2" FNPT drainage inlet and outlet and a 2" FNPT vent opening. 115V models include a grounded cord with a plug, while 230V models come without a plug.

Sump pumps included in the package are automatic and have an On level of 7-10" and Off level of 1-4" for Little Giant WRSC-6 and WRS-6 models and 7-10" (On) and 2-5" (Off) level for WRS-9EN respectively.