Little Giant Effluent Pumps

Little Giant effluent pumps are used in residential, commercial, agricultural and other applications for discharging grey water septic tanks.

About Little Giant Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps by Little Giant are commonly installed in septic tanks to pump effluent waste also known as “grey water”. Different models are capable of processing various solids ranging in size from 3/8” to 2”. 6 and 10 series also includes high-temperature models, capable of handling liquid with up to 200˚F. 14EH, 16EH and 20E series are high-head effluent pumps, designed to pump waste at higher elevations and larger distances. ES33, 50 and 60 are high-efficiency, energy-saving models.
Automatic pumps come with either a diaphragm, snap-action (vertical) float or wide angle float switches which regulate the pumps’ operation and have model-specific On and Off ranges.

Little Giant Effluent Pump Series Comparison Chart

SeriesHPVoltageDischargeMax FlowMax. HeadMax. Solids SizeCord Length
6EN1/3115V, 230V1-1/2”50 GPM24 ft1/2"10 ft, 20 ft
9EN4/10115V80 GPM32 ft3/4"20 ft, 30 ft
10EN1/2115V, 230V67 GPM30 ft1/2" (3/4" for high-temp)10 ft, 20 ft
14EH1/2115V, 208-240V2”62 GPM50 ft3/4"20 ft
16EH1208-240V, 230V, 460V, 575V90 GPM80 ft
20E2200-208V, 230V, 460V130 GPM110 ft
ES331/3115V1-1/2”52 GPM20 ft3/8"10 ft, 20 ft
ES501/2115V, 230V2”150 GPM22 ft2”
ES606/102”, 3”160 GPM28 ft