Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pumps

Unlike traditional direct-drive pumps, magnetic drive pumps utilize a magnetic coupling which transmits torque from motor to the impeller. This mechanism is especially useful in applications where sudden short-term blockage of the pump impeller or piping may occur from sludge, seaweed and other debris.

About Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic drive pumps have a wide range of applications, from handling fresh water to highly corrosive chemicals and liquids with various viscosities. Since pump impeller is connected to the motor by means of a magnetic coupling rather then directly, the pump does not overheat in the event of blockage, allowing it to run without overheating.

Chemical Compatibility

Consult a Chemical Resistance Chart provided by Little Giant to determine compatibility of the pump with a particular chemical type.

“MD” suffix in the part number indicates a magnetic drive pump for Mildly Corrosive liquids, “MD-SC” - Semi-Corrosive, “MD-HC” and “MD-CK” - Highly-Corrosive.

Materials of construction of the above are as follows:
MD series: PolyPropylene (PP) parts.
MD-SC: PolyPropylene, ceramic and Nitrile parts.
MD-HC: PolyPhenylene sulfide (PPS), FlouroElastomer (FKM), carbon and ceramic.
MD-CK: PolyVinyliDene fluoride (PVDF), PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE), carbon, ceramic and FluoroElastomer (FKM).