Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant brand is a trademark of Franklin Electric company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and backed by over 70 years of manufacturing experience. Little Giant pump brand incorporates products for wastewater transfer, dewatering, condensate removal, irrigation and many other applications.

Selection, Features and Applications of Little Giant brand pumps

Most pumps produced by Franklin Electric and marketed under the Little Giant brand fall into the following main categories: Wastewater, HVAC, Outdoor Living and Specialty pumps.
  • Wastewater pumps - this category includes pumps for handling of water, effluent and sewage waste and are comprised out of sump, effluent, sewage and grinder pumps.
  • HVAC pumps - includes variety of condensate pumps for removal of condensate in A/C, furnace, dehumidifier and other similar applications.
  • Outdoor Living - products used in residential outdoor and garden applications, including fountain, pond and pool pumps.
  • Specialty pumps - other Little Giant pumps including magnetic drive pumps, small submersibles and similar used in industrial, hobby and other applications.
Little Giant pump products were and remain a leading choice of homeowners, contractors and facility managers alike due to Franklin Electrics’ commitment to quality and customer service.