Little Giant Sewage Pumps

Little Giant brand features a large selection of sewage pump models in both automatic and manual models with various motor ratings, voltage and cord lengths.

About Little Giant Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps made by Little Giant are designed for handling liquid and solid sewage waste with up to 2” in diameter. These pumps are commonly installed in sewage tanks, basins or other receptacles where sewage waste is accumulated.
Sewage pumps are fully submersible and are categorized into manual and automatic models. The later have an integral or piggyback switch which turns the pump on or off as sewage level in the tank rises or falls.
A typical Little Giant sewage pump has a blue epoxy coated cast iron housing, a clog-resistant thermoplastic impeller and comes with 2” legs to raise the pump from the bottom of the basin and allow for unobstructed entry of the sewage waste. Cord length is 20ft on most models, adequate for connections to a nearby electrical outlet.

Little Giant Sewage Pump Series Comparison Chart

SeriesHPVoltageDischargeMax FlowMax. HeadOn-Off Levels (Automatic models only)Cord Length
9SN4/10115V2”, 3”110 GPM20 ftOn: 9-14”; Off: 2-6”20 ft
10SN1/2120 GPM25 ft
14S1/2115V, 208-240V141 GPM25 ft-
16S1200-208V, 230V, 460/380V, 575V3”180 GPM35 ft20 ft, 40 ft
18S1-1/2200-208V, 208V, 230V, 460V160 GPM64 ft20 ft
20S2200-208V, 208-230V, 230V, 460V200 GPM77 ft
ES404/10115V, 230V2”120 GPM18 ftOn: ~15"; Off: ~5" (Diaphragm Switch)

On: ~17"; Off: ~10" (Wide Angle Float)
10 ft, 20 ft
ES501/22”150 GPM22 ft
ES606/102”, 3”160 GPM28 ft