PEX Tubing - based Snow Removal

PEX Tubing - based Snow Removal

One of the many great advantages of PEX tubing is its ability to be used in a wide range of snow and ice removal systems. Unlike common brass and copper piping, PEX stands up well in inclement weather situations and there is no threat of pipe ruptures that is inherent in metal systems. This means that PEX tubing can be used effectively in outdoor settings, including areas that are prone to snow and ice.


The most common of these uses are heated driveways. In these systems, a network of PEX piping is embedded in the driveway surface. Then, a solution of hot water and glycol (to prevent freezing) is pumped through the system, melting any snow or ice accumulation on the surface. These systems prove to be very effective in snowstorm situations, preventing any accumulation from occurring. Similar PEX-based radiant heating systems are found in sidewalks, as well as parking lots. These heating systems provide a much safer and more efficient way of snow removal because they eliminate the need for manual labor. With a PEX tube heated driveway, no shoveling or chemical solutions are necessary. This in turn prevents any chance of injury or property damage and extends the life of the driveway.


PEX-based heating systems can also be installed in roofing situations. These systems are similar to heated driveways in that a network of PEX piping is installed beneath the roofing surface. Hot water and glycol is then pumped through the system, warming the roof and melting any snow accumulation. There are many benefits in installing a heated roof system that can prevent injury and roof damage. Heated roofs eliminate any chance of ice dams and icicles forming, which can slide off the roof and result in injury. These systems also prevent moisture from leaking into your home which can lead to mold and water damage.


One of the big problems of living in cold and snowy environments is the threat of roof drain blockage. It is common for snow to melt into a roof gutter system and then freeze, which can lead to extensive home damage. One common method for preventing this is running a system of PEX tubing through the gutters. A mixture of hot water and glycol is then pumped through the system, preventing any ice blockage from occurring. Not only does this greatly extend the life of your gutter system, but it also protects your home from water overflow.

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