SaniCOM 1 Automatic Commercial (194F) Drain Pump w/ 2.75 Gal Basin, 2" Connections, 4' cord, 1 HP, 120V
Brand: Saniflo
Part#: S018
Model: SaniCOM 1
Usually ships: within 5-7 business days
SaniCOM 1 model drain pump incorporates a 1 HP pump build into a collector basin and is intended for use in commercial kitchen drainage applications with water temperatures up to 194°F (incl. dishwashers, washing machines, etc., where these are installed below the main sewer line).
The basin features 1" discharge, (2) inlets (2") w/ built-in check valves on both sides and 1-1/2" vent connections. Low positioning of drain inlets also allows for use with showers and bathtubs with a minimum of 10" base height.
Technical Specifications:
  • HorsePower: 1 HP
  • Electric: 120V, 10A, 4ft long cord w/ grounded plug
  • Max. operating temperature: 194°F
  • Basin capacity: 2.75 gallons
  • Discharge rate @ 3ft of head: 33 GPM
  • Discharge rate @ 25ft of head: 17 GPM
  • Shut-off head: 53 ft
  • Normal running time: 4-6 seconds (short bursts)
  • Noise level (measured at 3ft): 68 dBA
  • Discharge outlet: 1"
  • Air vent: 1-1/4" (air admittance valves and mechanical vents not allowed)
  • Drain inlets: 2 (both near bottom - alowing for use with tub/shower)
  • Drain inlets size: 2"
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 24" x 13" x 9"
  • Weight: 22 lbs
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2-year limited warranty (+1 year if registered online)