11-branch Stainless Steel Radiant Heat Manifold Set w/ 1/2" PEX adapters
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: SSM111
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1/2" PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade) make a note at checkout.

11-branch, Premium Radiant Heat Manifold Set with 1/2" PEX adapters (Supply and Return pair).
Pre-assembled, pressure tested and comes with everything shown in the picture, including 1/2" PEX manifold adapters.

SSM111 set is typical for radiant floor heating applications in areas with a total of 2250 - 2500 sq. ft of space, when used together with 1/2" PEX tubing (installed 9 - 12" on centers).

Complete list of components:
(1) Supply side radiant heat manifold with (11) flow meters and (11) PEX tubing outlets - lower manifold w/ red shut-off valve.
Flow meters allow to monitor the flow of water in GPM (Gallons Per Minute) through every manifold's branch.

(1) Return side radiant heat manifold with (11) manual balancing valves and (11) PEX tubing outlets - upper manifold w/ blue shut-off valve.
Manual balancing valves allow to balance the radiant heating system and are used to regulate the flow of water through manifold's branches.

(2) 1" NPT isolation shut-off ball valves with 1/4-turn color coded handles and built-in replaceable thermometers (both F/C readings displayed).
Allow to service the system and monitor supply (incoming) and return (outgoing) water temperatures.

(1) Automatic air vent to eliminate air from the system.
Air vent are used to eliminate the air from the radiant heating system, prevent air traps and enhance overall performance.

(2) Drain/fill valves with 3/4" garden/drain hose connection and a cap.
Used to purge/fill the radiant heating system.

(2) Manifold mounting brackets with bolts.
Superior bracket design offsets the radiant heat manifolds from the wall and allows for easy access and fast installation.

(22) Compression-style adapters for 1/2" PEX tubing.

Other suggested components:
To pressure test the radiant heat manifolds, use a Pressure Testing Kit (SKU# TESTKIT).

  • Radiant floor heating systems:
  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs (4 - 6") - garages, warehouse, storage and manufacturing facilities);
  • Non-Reinforced Gypsym or Thermal Mass Slabs / Thin Slabs (up to 1-1/4") - radiant heating floors in residential construction;
  • Staple-up Systems: stapled to the bottom of the subfloor between joists - with or without heat transfer plates;
  • "Sandwich" Systems: installed between the subfloor and finished floor - with or without heat transfer plates.
  • Snow and ice melting systems:
  • Snow melting systems for driveways, walkways; roof deicing applications.
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Technical Specifications:
  • Total number of PEX outlets: 22 (11 on supply manifold and 11 on return)
  • Distance ON (On Center) between outlets: 2"
  • Overall height when installed: 14.5"
  • Overall width when installed (with shut-off valves): 28.75"
  • Distance between supply and return manifolds: 8.25" OC.
  • Compatible with all types and brands of PEX tubing (Bow, Viega, Watts, Zurn, Everhot, Nibco, etc.)
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Ask a Question
What size thread are the (11) branches? Is it 3/4" NPT or 1/2" NPT?Would these be available without the compression fittings? I need to get a ball valve on each of the branches and would need a male x compression fitting versus the female x compression you have shown.
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Manifold outlets are 3/4" garden hose thread. We do not offer shut-off valves which would fit over these outlets, since manifold already has manual balancing valves, which can shut off the flow permanently. In case you need to add separate in-line ball valves on each of the PEX lines, you may use standard PEX x PEX ball valves, such as VPP012 or VPP012-D.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/12/2015
Would I be ale to use PEX-AL-PEX tubing with this manifold and what is the main difference between Stainless steel and brass other than the material ... in other words I'm planning to use this in cast iron hot water application
Helpful? Yes No
You can use the manifold with PEX-AL-PEX tubing. Simply make a note at the checkout to switch the regular 1/2" PEX adapters with 1/2" PEX-AL-PEX adapters. As for the manifold difference, there's none other than the material. The brass version is somewhat more heavy-duty, but stainless steel manifolds are overall a much more popular choice.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/16/2015

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