Stiebel Eltron Electric Space Heaters

Stiebel Eltron offers a wide array of finest German quality space heating units, including CK & CKT series fan/blower heaters, CNS series convection heaters and CIR series infrared electric heaters for wall-mount installations.

About Stiebel Eltron Space Heaters

CK & CKT series - blower type, compact & powerful wall-mount heaters. Hardwired on all models, available in 120V or 240V options. Dial knob style temperature control standard on all models with 41-86°F range & frost protection. CKT models feature a boost timer (runs the unit at max capacity for up to 60 minutes to heat the space as fast as possible). Great news is we have actually have a CK model in one of our office rooms, which has been in use for many years and we can vouch for its' quality and performance.

CNS series - convection style wall-hung alternative to baseboard with up to x3 times higher output per linear ft than typical hot-water baseboard. Quiet (no fan) and sleek (less than 4" thick), with 45-86°F output range, separate on/off switch and dial/knob-type temperature adjustment (with frost protection). Available in 120V or 208/240V options, hardwired on all models.

CIR series - true infrared heaters offer the highest level of comfort and instant heat, without the need to wait. These models have a wide angle of coverage and can be mounted high on the wall, occupying virtually zero space. All CIR models are suitable for indoor use, some also suitable for outdoor installation. Multiple models can be installed to cover larger areas, such as outdoor patios, waiting rooms or counter area. "150" models are 120V plug-in, while "200" models are 208/240V hardwired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these heaters really be used for heating an entire room?
A: Yes. We suggest using 15W for each square foot of space in colder climates and 10W/sqft for warm to moderate climates. If necessary, multiple heaters can be installed in the same room to provide desired amount of heat. Examples:
1000W: ~70 sqft in cold climate; 100 sqft in warm
1500W: 100 sqft in cold climate; 150 sqft in warm
2000W: ~135 sqft in cold climate; 200 sqft in warm
2400W: 160 sqft in cold climate; 240 sqft in warm

Q: Is there a disadvantage in oversizing a space heater?
A: No. As long as the wiring and power supply permits, we actually suggest oversizing the heater (to the next size model). First, this will allow to heat the room quicker. Second, the added output will come in handy for those extra cold days.

Q: Is there a way to convert Watts to BTU/sqft?
A: 1 Watt = 3.41 BTU approximately. So 1000W (1kW) would be 3412 BTU's. BTU/sqft requirement will vary depending on many factors - insulation, building age, etc. Some sources suggest that 10W (~34 BTU) per square ft is sufficient when sizing space heaters, but this is only true for warm to moderate regions. In the North, this number would be too low for most existing homes and offices. From our experience, the number for cold climates should be closer to 15W/sqft (~50 BTU/sqft) in order for the unit to be considered a primary instead of supplementary heat source.