Wilkins 420XL

The 420XL series PVB’s are used to protect potable water lines against cross-contamination caused by backsiphonage. They feature a built-in freeze relief valve for occasional, non-seasonal freeze protection, and are designed for use under continuous pressure.
3/4" and 1" sizes available in lead-free bronze.

About Wilkins 420XL series

420XL model pressure vacuum breaker offers protection against backsihponage in applications where a potential health hazard exists. These units have an integral anti-freeze valve and a replaceable modular cartridge for easier maintenance and repair. Comes complete with full port ball valves and test cocks.


Max working pressure: 175 psi
Temperature range: 33-140°F
Hydrostatic test pressure: 350 psi
Threaded connections comply with ANSI B1.20.1


Watts: 800M4QTFR
Febco: 767FR
Conbraco: 4V-500