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FloForce Pumps

FloForce jet pumps are available in two configurations - shallow well jet pumps and convertible jet pumps.
All models are dual-voltage (115/230V) and factory-wired for 230V and come with an adjustable pressure switch, factory-set to 20/40 psi operation. These jet pumps feature a durable, powder-coated body and legs designed for easy mounting of the pump onto a flat solid surface or an expansion tank with pump stand.

Shallow Well Jet Pumps:
Jet pumps for shallow wells are designed to work with suction depths less then 25ft and are best suited for areas with high water table, as well as ponds, lakes and similar sources with abundance of water near the ground level.

Convertible Jet Pumps:
While shallow well jet pumps have a jet ejector built into the pump, convertible jet pumps feature an ejector mounted outside the pump. The purpose of this design is to allow the pump to operate in two modes - "shallow" mode with ejector attached to the pump (for wells 25ft depth and less) and "deep well" mode with ejector dismounted from the pump and placed in the well (for wells 25-82ft depth).
Convertible jet pumps are best used for applications where well depth is within the range of 25-82ft, as well as applications with varying water table.

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