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Honeywell and Taco Zone Valves

PexUniverse.com offers a large selection of Taco Zone Valves, including 550, 560, 570 & Sentry series as well as standard models of zone valves by Honeywell.

570 Series Taco Zove Valves are industry standard for zoning radiant heating and baseboard (radiator) heating systems. These valves feature a durable bronze body and a field replaceable powerhead. Best used in combination with Taco Zone Valve Controls.

Taco Zone Sentry Valves:
The ultra-efficient Sentry series Taco zone valves use about 14 times less energy than other common zone valve type and lead the industry with best shutoff pressure ratings, flow rates and ease of installation. A single 40VA transformer can support up to (12) Sentry series valves. Additional features include bidirectional flow, external LED diagnostics and replacement actuator head.

Taco EBV Series Zone Valves:
This line has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with a new and improved Taco Zone Sentry Valves.

560 Series Taco 3-Way Zone Valves are a bypass version of the 570 Series and are generally used for flow control in fan coils or or terminal heating unit.

Taco Geothermal Valves:
Designed for flow control in geothermal systems, these valves are perfect for open systems with high head and come with an end switch, which allows to directly control the heat pump.

Honeywell Zone Valves:
Honeywell manufacturers a large variety of Zone Valves in various connection types and sizes as well as wiring options (leads or terminal connections). Honeywell zone valves are easy to install, operate and maintain, feature replaceable powerhead and universal zone control compatibility.

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