Grundfos Pumps & Flanges

Grundfos is one of the world's largest and most trusted names in the pumps industry. Grundfos circulator pumps come in signature dark red color and are available in a variety of cast iron, bronze and stainless steel models with union, threaded, sweat and flanged connections.
Grundfos line of products available at includes the industry standard UP series, UPS (Super-Brute, 3-speed) circulator pumps, domestic hot water recirculation pumps and the famous Comfort System.
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Cast Iron Grundfos Circulator Pumps
Cast Iron Grundfos Circulators are commonly used for closed loop hydronic and radiant heating applications. These Grundfos pumps are well suited for zoning with circulators and can also be used for injection & mixing stations, as well as main system circulators.
Models available include single speed (UP series), 3-speed (UPS series) and variable speed (Alpha series).

Stainless Steel and Bronze Grundfos Pumps
These models are primarily used in open loop heating systems and are also suited for chilled water cooling, solar and other application types. Similar to cast iron Grundfos pumps, bronze and stainless steel models come in single-speed or 3-speed options (UP and UPS respectively).

Grundfos Comfort System
Extensive line of Grundfos Comfort System circulators offers one of the most versatile hot water recirculation solutions on the market. Some of the common model options include timer, aquastat, line cord and various system connection types (threaded, sweat, union).

Grundfos Pump Flanges, Unions and Isolation Valves
When purchasing and installing a Grundfos circulator pump with flanged connections, pump flanges are a must. They allow to adapt a standard flanged outlet of the circulator to the type (threaded/sweat) and size (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", etc.) of the system piping.
Unions are used with Grundfos models which come with union connections (GU125).
Rotating Isolator Valves simplify the circulator installation and allow for faster and easier maintenance.

Grundfos UP models such as the UP15-42F and UPS15-58FC are very popular for small to medium size hydronic and radiant heating applications.

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