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PexUniverse.com offers a large selection of plumbing and PEX plumbing supplies from industry leading manufacturers, such as Amtrol, Grundfos, Little Giant, Takagi, Zurn and many others.

Expansion Tanks:
Plumbing expansion tanks include Therm-X-Trol expansion tanks for use in domestic hot water heating application and Well-X-Trol well tanks for use with well water systems, non-submersible jet pumps and submersible well pumps.

Grease Traps:
Most commonly used in restaurant and food preparation industries, grease traps perform an important function of separating and separating oils, fats and grease from waste water and preventing them from being discharged into municipal sewer lines. Grease traps manufactured by Zurn are USA-made and fully compliant with industry standards and bear all necessary certifications and approvals.

Pipe Fittings & Pipe Nipples:
PexUniverse.com offers an extensive selection of black and brass plumbing pipe nipples and fittings in various types and sizes for use in heating or plumbing applications.

PexUniverse.com offers the largest selection of plumbing pumps on the internet. We stock brands such as Little Giant, Liberty Pumps and others, with a full selection of sump pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps, grinder pumps, magnetic drive pumps and many, many others. From small 1/200 HP models, all the way up to 20 HP models - we offer solutions for nearly any industry.

Plumbing Valves:
From the essential brass ball valves and outlet stop valves, to sillcocks, gas valves and flood prevention valves - we stock all the popular plumbing supply parts in various sizes, types, materials of construction and system ratings.

Tankless Water Heaters:
Takagi is the leading manufacturer of highest quality, durable and long-lasting on-demand gas tankless water heaters. From small and medium size residential models, such as T-KJr2 and T-K4, to larger size residential T-H2 and commercial T-M50 models - Takagi has the right tankless water heater for any plumbing project. Select models can be linked together to increase output of hot water.

Indirect Water Heaters:
Thanks to Amtrol Boilermate series of indirect water heaters, saving up to 60% on a hot water heating bill is now a reality. Stocking models include 41-gallon capacity water heaters with options such as built-in electromechanical thermostat, bottom mounted coil and built-in Smart Control.

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