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PEX Supplies for Radiant Heating include PEX tubing with oxygen barrier, radiant heat manifolds, radiant heat transfer plates, insulation and other typical components for radiant floor heating, baseboard/radiator heating and snow melting systems.

PEX Supplies for Plumbing include non-barrier PEX tubing in red and blue colors, PEX fittings, PEX tools, copper plumbing manifolds, and other installation parts typical for plumbing systems utilizing PEX components.

PEX Tubing:
Standard closed loop radiant heating systems and hydronic baseboard/radiator heating systems require use of oxygen barrier type PEX tubing.
Typical domestic hot and cold water plumbing systems use non-barrier PEX tubing, available in two colors - red and blue - for easy identification of hot and cold water lines.

PEX Manifolds:
Radiant Heat Manifolds are intended for use with closed loop heating systems, mainly for radiant floor heating in small to medium-sized homes, garages, warehouses and similar structures. They are complete with balancing, flow and temperature-monitoring components which allow for quick and easy installation.
PEX Plumbing Manifolds (copper manifolds) are designed for distribution of hot and cold drinking water in typical plumbing projects.

PEX Fittings:
Fittings are an essential part of any PEX plumbing project and PexUniverse.com offers the largest selection of types and sizes to accommodate the requirements of any project. The fittings are crimp style and can be used in conjunction with crimp or clamp types connection systems.

PEX Tools:
PEX Crimp Tools and Clamp Tools are required to connect PEX pipe to PEX fittings and are available as all-in-one tool kits as well as individual-size tools.
Clip guns are most effective for installation of PEX pipes beneath the subfloor.
Foamboard staplers are used for securing PEX tubing to foamboard insulation in concrete slabs.

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