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Honeywell and Taco Switching Relays

We carry a complete selection of enhanced series switching relays by Taco and a wide range of standard and universal hydronic switching relays by Honeywell.

About Switching Relays

Taco line of switching relays are used in hydronic baseboard/radiator and radiant floor heating applications where zoning with circulators is required. These relays come in 1 through 6-zone models and select (EXP) models can be combined to cover up to 120 zones. SR series switching relays work with virtually any 24V thermostats and are compatible with all major circulator pump brands, including Taco, Grundfos, B&G, Wilo, Armstrong and others.
Taco switching relay allows for simultaneous control of the boiler and circulators via the room thermostat(s). For 1-zone applications, a single thermostat can be wired to control multiple circulators. For 2 or more zones, each thermostat can control a dedicated pump or set of pumps.

Honeywell switching relays available are standard and universal hydronic relays of DPST, SPST or SPDT type. These modules are used for intermittent switching of line or low voltage devices from a line or low-voltage controller with model-specific features.

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