Heating Supplies

Heating Supplies

Heating Supplies category contains products used for gas or oil-fired hydronic (hot water) heating applications, including products for radiant and baseboard or radiator heating installations. We stock a wide range of boilers, valves, controls, pumps and other components used in a boiler room. Featured brands in this category include Grundfos, Honeywell, Taco and Amtrol.


Condensing & cast iron, gas and oil-fired, wall-mounted and floor standing boilers from the leading brands in the industry.

Circulator Pumps

Extensive selection of circulator pumps by Grundfos and Taco in 1, 3 or variable speed options with cast iron, bronze or stainless steel body.

Switching Relays

Taco SR and Grundfos UPZCP single, multi-zone and expandable switching relays for 120V circulator pumps.

Mixing Valves

Anti-scald and thermostatic mixing valves by Honeywell and Taco for plumbing and heating applications.

Kickspace Heaters

Twin-Flo III series kickspace heaters, parts and accessories by Beacon Morris for hydronic heating applications.

Boiler Headers

Pre-manufactured boiler manifolds with threaded inlet/outlet connections by Matco-Norca for near-boiler piping.

Purge Tees

Primary/secondary purge tees manufactured by Webstone Valves provide cost-effective and reliable solution for hydraulic separation needs.

Heat Exchangers

Copper brazed, stainless steel plate heat exchangers and aluminum finned copper coil water to air heat exchangers.


Well type temperature, pressure and tridicator type gauges for pressure and temperature monitoring purposes.

Log Lighter Valves

Sioux Chief HearthMaster series log lighter bars, valves and kits for natural gas (NG)-fired fireplace applications.

Gas Valves

Large selection of gas control valves by Honeywell for natural or LP gas with standard, step, slow and other opening characteristics.

Ignition, Burner Controls

Hot surface igniters (HSI), oil burner controls, universal pilot burners and universal hot surface and intermittent pilot ignition modules by Honeywell.

Radiator Valves

Heavy duty brass union radiator valves and elbows for use with new or retrofit steam radiator installations.


Complete range of universal thermopiles and thermocouples from Honeywell.

Electric Floor Heating

Electric floor heating mats, mat kits, cable and thermostats for heating of tile and stone floors.

Expansion Tanks

Wide range of diaphragm type expansion tanks by Amtrol for open and closed loop heating applications.

Zone Valves

24V and 120V, 2-way and 3-way zone valves for hydronic heating, geothermal and chilled water cooling applications.

Zone Valve Controls

Taco ZVC series zone valve controls for 2, 3 and 4-wire 24V zone valves from Taco, Honeywell, White Rodgers and others.

Air Eliminators

In-line air eliminators, air separators, microbubble resorbers and air scoops with up to 1-1/2" system connection sizes.

Pressure Valves

Pressure relief, pressure regulating, reducing and other types of pressure valves for plumbing and heating applications.

Condensate Neutralizers

Inline condensate neutralizers and replacement media for condensing appliances.

Purge and Fill Valves

Quickly and easily drain, flush or fill any hydronic system with Purge & Fill ball valves from Webstone.


Gasket and thread sealing compounds, Teflon paste, soldering flux, furnace cement and other chemicals for heating use.


Large selection of programmable and non-programmable thermostats by Honeywell including models with touchscreen interface and wireless connectivity.

Vent Pipe

Category III stainless steel and polypropylene (PP) vent pipe and accessories for boilers.

Air Vents

Float type air vents, steam radiator vents and coin vents in a variety of sizes and connections options.

Hydronic System Feeders

Axiom brand water/glycol feeders for hydronic, radiant, snow melting and solar systems.

Flo Checks

For prevention of gravity circulation when boiler is hot and automatically open when circulators start running.


Large inventory of all popular Aquastat series by Honeywell for high limit, low limit and circulator applications with various temperature differentials.

Radiant Floor Heating

This category lists products used for installing a hydronic radiant floor heating system.
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