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Tub Spouts

We stock tub spouts from BrassCraft, Sioux Chief and Matco-Norca in various finishes and connection types, with and without shower diverter.
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About Tub Spouts

With Shower Diverter vs. No Diverter
Shower diverter is a mechanism built into the tub spout which allows to block the outflow of water through the tub spout in order to divert it to the shower head. When the water is turned off, the diverter knob automatically returns to its original open position. Shower diverter in a tub spout is only needed when you have a 2-in-1 tub with shower.

Nose, Base and Slip-on Spout Connections
A nose connection denotes a tub spout which has a FIP threaded (most typically) connection located in the nose of the spout where the water comes from. Such connections would generally require a threaded pipe nipple or copper pipe with a soldered-on MIP threaded adapter to be protruding ~4” from the wall.
Base connection in a tub spout indicates that the threaded inlet of the tub spout is at it’s base (the side which attaches to the tile wall). These would normally require about ~1/2” length of threaded pipe nipple to protrude from the wall, although there are tub spouts (i.e. BrassCraft Delta series) which allow for a larger tolerance and are more convenient to install.
Slip-On (or Slip-Fit) connection is intended for use with regular 1/2" copper pipe stubbing out of the wall, uses a rubber O-ring to seal off the connection from leaks and a retaining mechanism to prevent the spout from slipping or rotating. No soldering, no fractional measurements and no pipe dope needed. Slip-on tub spouts offer a generous pipe length tolerance and is the easiest of all types to install.

Materials – Brass, Die Cast Zinc, Plastic and others
Material used to produce the tub spout has a major impact on its cost.
Brass is most durable, has a “heavy” feel to it and therefore comes at a premium price.
Die Cast Zinc and alloys are the opposite – these are inexpensive lightweight materials used to produce economy style tub spouts.
Some manufacturers, such as Sioux Chief, use proprietary alloys to produce a less expensive but durable and good quality alternative to brass.
Plastic tub spouts are also available, but the quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. BrassCraft makes select Delta spouts which are very popular and are well received in the market.
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