Maxitrol Gas Regulators

We stock a wide range of Maxitrol 325L series gas line pressure regulators and 325 series appliance regulators, as well as parts and accessories for natural and propane gas installations with CSST, black pipe and semi-rigid copper pipe.

Maxitrol 325L vs 325 difference

325L and 325 series should not be confused, as the former includes Line Pressure Regulators (hence the "L"), while the former are standard appliance regulators.
Maxitrol 325L line pressure regulators are intended for systems with up to 2 psi inlet pressure and 7"-11" outlet pressure, including typical black gas pipe, flexible CSST gas pipe and semi-rigid copper pipe.
Maxitrol 325 appliance regulators are used for main burner or pilot applications with a maximum inlet pressure of 5 psi (NG).
Both series are CSA certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between gas line pressure regulator and appliance regulator?
A: Appliance regulators were commonly used as line pressure regulators prior to the development of ANSI Z21.80 standard. After this standard was adopted, appliance regulators are no longer permitted to be used as line pressure regulators.

Q: What is a vent limiter?
A: It is a safety device, which limits gas escapement in the event of a diaphragm rupture where a gas regulator is installed indoors. It also eliminates the need to run vent piping outside.

Q: What is a vent protector?
A: It is a safety device, which protects the vent outlet of the regulator from dust, insects, moisture and similar, where the regulator is installed outdoors and is exposed to the elements.

Q: Do Maxitrol regulators include a vent limiting device?
A: Only the new 325-3V, 325-5V, 325-3LV and 325-5LV series (with "V") include vent limiters. Others (including 325-7A, 325-7AL, 325-9L, as well as older series - 325-3, 325-3L, 325-5 and 325-5L) do not include a vent limiter.

Q: What’s Imblue coating for?
A: Imblue coating improves corrosion resistance where a Maxitrol regulator is installed outdoors.

Q: Do Maxitrol regulators with Imblue coating include outdoor vent protectors?
A: No. Vent protectors are sold separately for all models.

Q: Are gas regulators suitable for DIY installation?
A: No. They must be installed by a licensed gas pipe fitter.