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Slant/Fin Baseboards Heaters

With over 70 years of innovation, manufacturing and selling baseboard in the US, Slant/Fin has become a leader in the industry, respected and recognized both by professionals and homeowners alike.
We stock a complete range of popular baseboard series Slant/Fin, including Fine/Line 30, Base/Line 2000 and Multi/Pak 80.
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What is the difference between Fine/Line 30, Base/Line 2000 and Multi/Pak 80 series?

Although the principle behind these baseboards remains the same, there are specific differences which put these products into different categories. These are:
1. Output capacity - Fine/Line 30 and Base/Line 2000 both output about the same (~600 BTU/h per foot of length), whereas Multi/Pak 80 offers a higher base output (770 BTUs) and still higher one (up to 840 BTUs) with an optional H-1 heating element with "Jumbo" fins.
2. Durability - front panel of the baseboard is the part which is subject to the most damage - from mopping/vacuuming the floor, to accidental kicks and bumps. Multi/Pak 80 stands apart from others - it not only has the thickest (18-gauge) front panel, but the whole baseboard and accessories have a look and feel of a heavy-duty product. Fine/Line 30 and Base/Line 2000 are in a different category and are similar among themselves, with the former having a thicker (20-gauge) front panel and more durable parts than the latter. Base/Line 2000 is the most basic, economy baseboard version with thinner-wall body (23-gauge front cover) and accessories.
3. The looks - in our opinion, Multi/Pak 80 has the best looks, offset only by larger front-to-wall thickness (to accommodate for a bigger heating element). All the accessories in this line compliment the sleek, heavy-duty design which would fit well both in commercial and higher-end residential settings. Fine/Line 30 baseboard, as designed and intended by the manufacturer, has the 2nd place with it's wide range of rounded-corner accessories which makes this series look and perform well despite lighter design. Base/Line 2000 is the lowest-priced, lightest gauge baseboard, with no-frills accessories, intended for cost-sensitive installations.
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